Isobel Diamond

Canvas8 report: Home Scent

I researched and wrote a report for consumer behaviour agency Canvas8 about the importance of scent on today’s domestic spaces.

The way people think about their homes is changing. “The only thing you can control in the world is your own environment, so make it as lovely and comforting as possible because outside the window it’s not so comfortable and lovely,” says Avril Castellazzo, manager at London-based furniture maker WCDinteriors. “You want to be warm, you want to be cosy and with everything going on in the world at the moment it just makes you feel a bit better.” [1]

As well as fuelling interest in solitude spaces, this desire to create the perfectly personalised domestic setting is boosting the importance of home fragrances. The global fragrance and perfume market – including home products – is expected to reach $51 billion by 2022, and sales of diffusers and scented candles increased by 19% and 16% respectively in 2016, highlighting their growing, invisible presence. [2][3]

According to research from Euromonitor, ‘scented’ ranked among the top ten desired product features within home care in 2016, signalling that fragrance has become a purchasing driver across a wide range of goods. [4] “From how Millennials find out about a product to the story behind it, fragrance is an integral aspect of the product because the scent is the differentiator and is what causes the repeat purchase,” says fragrance and flavour insight specialist Amy Marks-McGee. [5] Experiential and sophisticated fragrance options are finding their way into Gen Y homes, but what smells are appealing to the noses of this cohort?

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