Isobel Diamond

Canvas8 Report: Indulgent Bathrooms

interior design copywriter

I researched and wrote a report for consumer behaviour specialists Canvas8, exploring bathroom design and current trends in how we use our bathrooms.

The bathroom is becoming a central room in the home, elevated from a purely functional space to one that allows people to escape daily stressors and carry out self-care rituals, ranging from a morning facemask to a leisurely soak in the tub. “The stressful society we live in means we need more time to relax and slow down,” says interior stylist and product researcher Charlotte Wahlberg. “So, we’re treating the bathroom more as an ordinary room in the house.” Yet while many people are now using the bathroom to get away from the outside world, it’s no longer just a private space – through social media, it’s become public. There are over 1.3 million posts on Instagram tagged with #bathroomselfie and nearly 10,000 for #bathtubselfie, highlighting how the sharing habits of A-list celebrities have trickled down into the mainstream to make intimate moments in the room more visible. The products in people’s bathrooms are also gaining attention as open shelving has given rise to the popularity of #shelfies. So, how can the bathroom be both private and public, functional yet luxurious, and meet the multilayered needs of today’s consumer? What role does design play in creating a sanctuary from the stress of digital life, while providing time-saving capabilities? And how do people actually spend their time in the bathroom?

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