Isobel Diamond
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About me.

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Hello! I’m Isobel Diamond, a writer and consultant specialising in the interiors, design and travel industries. I craft copy and provide communications and branding services for creative businesses, large and small, from global companies to independent designers. As a journalist, my work is regularly published in international newspapers and magazines, from the Guardian and Conde Nast Traveller to 25 Beautiful Homes and Hospitality Design.

Writing and communications services
I write copy and deliver content strategy for websites. I produce marketing materials, white papers, thought-pieces, articles and blog posts to drive marketing success. I’ve also produced advertorials for world-leading media companies, such as Telegraph Create. 

More about me
I’ve travelled to far-flung places, uncovering stories on global culture, design and craftsmanship. I drank tea in the Palace of Brunei, the world’s largest royal residence, and sailed alongside pink dolphins in the Brazilian Amazon. I’m inspired by the intricate textiles worn by indigenous tribes like the T’boli, who reside on the remote Philippine island of Mindanao. Compelled and inspired by interior spaces and product design, I’ve written about homes, hotels and designers, across the world. 

My career began in the arts, working for organisations including Arts Council England and the Royal Opera House, before becoming a freelance writer and consultant in 2012.